BikerBoi Scooters visually striking video "Talk"

The video we were all anticipating.
Immediately when gazing into this video. You might visualize yourself in a dream. You drove all night and arrived at your destination. It's the early morning car still running. Hair blowing in the wind as your headlights illuminate the angel walking towards your vehicle. You inhale deeply because she'll take your breath away. She does just that with a waft of her hair, her fuchsia heels, lips and fingernails of jealousy. Your environment will never be the same, day and night become one, she knows your button's to push, shes making you fall just like the soft top on the Audi.

I love that this video opens with disciplined piano and it follows through all the way to the end of the videos cut scene. Lyrics and downbeat are consistent. This song flows smoothly. I'm wondering if the inspiration is from Jazz? There are major Jazz influences within this video. The visual symbolization in this music video is excellent and on the point.  You k…

Player Unknown Battleground's Halloween Skin! Mummy!

I have to say I'm super Excited for the new Player Unknown Battleground Halloween Skins.
These are available on Steam ((PC)) for the next 29 days. Get them while you can.
The set that impressed me the most is the Mummy Halloween Set.

I'm actually a bit surprised no one else has commented or mentioned the benefits of purchasing this set for $15.99.
One of the major advantages of this set is Stealth.
Ask yourself what does it remind you of that's already in the game that comes from a supply drop?
The rare Ghillie suit. This gives you a major advantage in the end game. It can be the difference between losing or grasping onto the clutch.
This Halloween costume blends into almost every setting and terrain within the pubg battlefield.
If you Kneel in a bush, you may as well be completely invisible.
If you go prone you might lose yourself in the grass.
Urban environments you match cement and various wall colors of buildings.
Peaking off a roof? To the untrained eye you look like…

Coming Soon! Cocoa Beach Half Marathon Experience.


Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden Review. Bonsai tree photos!


Sakura Japanese Buffet

Sakura Buffet has stepped their game up. Their sushi quality is excellent. They're definitely trying to compete with Crystal buffet across the street. They've changed the price of the Lunch and dinner specials. The price went down. $10.00 for Lunch! Per person. This is cheaper than Publix Sushi. This is a great place to eat and they're putting up competition that would be hard to beat. Very impressed that they improved the restaurant. I had stopped going because the quality of the Sushi was no longer to my liking.
Highly Recommended as of today's date.

Screen Time! Android and Apple.Whats the difference?

Apple screen snip
Iphone or Android?
Screen Time! It's Here, Finally! 

New Feature great benefits for personal devices, family members and business.
IOS 12 Screen Time:
Application Time Limits: Time limit's allow you to restrict how many minutes or hours per day you can use a particular application. This can be extremely helpful if you find yourself spending to much time on a specific application or if you have teenagers or young children that need to focus on more important things such as homework or learning the basics at school through homework.
Downtime: This is another neat feature that expands on application time limits. Downtime allows only certain applications to be available before going to bed. Access to all applications are cut off other than to the few applications you're allow to white list.
Screen time Statistics: Want to know how many notifications you get in a day, week, or month? Screen time stats will show you. Track how many times you pickup/lift your ph…